Things I’m Doing.

I’m not working, which is lovely. I am off until tomorrow at 3, which is also lovely.

I am stewing rhubarb and keeping the windows open to get a nice breeze through the kitchen.

I am imagining myself as a domestic goddess.

I am dying my hair red, but still being timid with hair colour. (It should wash out in 28 27 washes).

I am sitting down at the computer an awful lot, and getting distracted by Facebook. I don’t like facebook.

I am baking granola with almonds for friends…and moi.

I am annoyed that I can’t find my Nikon camera cord, and that I have to take pictures on photobooth if I want to upload them. Photobooth just doesn’t cut it.

I am wondering if I come across as too keen, to certain boys. I am wondering how I come across, ever. I am wondering how God is going to script me a love story…things are so confusing right now.

I am getting really excited about traveling to Scotland for teachers college! There are so many things to get done before I board any planes, but it is coming up quick! Only 3 more months.

I am wearing a plaid shirt. It matches my new do. (Unlike many of the items purchased for my blonde days).

I am loving this lip balm.

I am going to a wedding this weekend in Kingston Ontario aboard a boat called “The Island Queen!” How romantic is that?

I am hoping to plant a garden soon.

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Today My Sail I Lift.

During our last worship song on Sunday morning, “I feel the Winds of God,” tears welled up in my eyes as we sang the last verse:

If I ever forget thy love and how that love was shown, lift high the blood-red flag above; it bears thy name alone.

Great Pilot of my onward way, thou wilt not let me drift. I feel the winds of God today; today my sail I lift.

Such an act faith wouldn’t exactly characterize me as of late, and so I sang the last line convicted of my most recent pathetic attempts to give up control of various parts of my life. Lifting my sail? Perhaps a white flag was lifted signifying my surrender–terrified and broken–but definitely not a sail meant to catch the winds of God.

Okay, enough with the metaphors.

Singing this song reminded me that there is a God who I can have faith in, and who will direct my path. I have been hesitant to hear or feel what God has been doing in my life because I am scared that it will be something that I don’t like. But like the song says, “If I ever forget thy love,” which comes before all that He wills, “lift high the blood-red flag above.”

May we set our sails, confident of his unfailing love.

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Running Shoes.

Something I am learning: Buying running shoes doesn’t make you a runner. Just like how owning a camera doesn’t mean you’re a photographer.

No crisis was involved in the writing of this post, by the way, I  just came to the realization while going out for my first run of the season, that following through with my intention to get into shape is the key to success. A lack of action would render my goal useless and the shoes a total waste of money.

Thing is, it is so much harder to do the run than it is to just buy the pretty running shoes.

Lululemon makes a fortune off of individuals with good intentions. “I will start doing yoga this year!” they chime. I chimed. My yoga mat hasn’t been touched in 3 months.

I so admire those who do the things that I want to do, like running, taking photos every day, going to bed at a decent hour, making good food choices, and saving money. But while I have great skill at setting myself up for success, ie. buying new running shoes, I have yet to earn the privilege to call myself a runner.

Funny is the mental picture I have of myself while buying the shoes–I have already toned up and run a half marathon, I am jumping out of bed at 6am to meet with the pavement. It’s so easy to skip the next step, but I really hope I don’t. Six months from now I don’t want these shoes to be white any longer.

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25: My Response.

Life stops for no mouse activist–not even on a Day of Silence. Below are a few photos, documenting my experience of the Invisitble Children event “25.” (Read more about the event here).

A brief intro: I almost forgot about the event entirely (recalled at 11:00pm on the 24th–I know, terrible), I was in Detroit Michigan with my family for most of it, I got such a headache, I became frustrated on multiple occasions, I spoke here and there by accident (a few times on purpose), I used a pen and paper to save myself from insanity, and I had to remind myself constatly that this day was not about me. Take a peak:

Something to keep me quiet: a car ride and an iPod. The iPod ended up having no battery so I read.

C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity, to be more specific.

This is the letter B in American Sign Language. I guess that’s kind of cheating, but I was desperate to tell my sister about…. something starting with B?

Crossing the Canadian/American Border.

“I want Quiznos for lunch!”

I hope my silence was heard. Thank-you so much, everyone that supported 25!

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Tomorrow is April 25th.

And I almost forgot.

(School being done is screwing with my sense of time).

Tomorrow is 25!

25 is an event organized by Invisible Children, where I spend 25 hours not talking on behalf of those who are silenced in the Congo.

Read more about it here.

I’ll be in Detroit…

…not talking.

If you see me, you’ll know why I can’t stop to chat.

Photos to come!

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