My other blog.

It is considered cheating if you are having an affair with another blog?

Well call me a cheater because I am really enjoying this new blog. It is a whole new way to express myself and I am breathing sighs of relief, each time I sit back at my desk and don’t have to filter through my day, talking only about the foodie bits.
My other readers are gonna hate me for this, but…there is more to life than food! There, I said it! (Note to self: don’t give old readers new blog address. Wait. Shoot. Already did that. Okay back track and save yourself…)
I adore food, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I will probably continue to blog about it. Because the smell of the market at 8:30am makes me excited, and because there isn’t much I would rather be doing than cooking/eating/shopping for food/and sharing a meal with friends.
There is something so wonderful about those things isn’t there? Or is it just me? I’m sure it’s not:)
I have been blessed with such wonderful friends. And I am lucky enough to live where I do-amongst local and fresh produce, food TV, and Jamie Oliver (on demand).


So let it be known that I am a person of many loves, and that my new blog seems to supply the opportunity for those loves to be blogged about.
(Blogged? What an unromantic verb.)

Because as I said earlier, life has so much to offer us that just can’t be fully expressed while your focus is on the three meals of the day. For example, the multicultural streets that I walk each day on my way to class, the amazing people I work with each day who make the job more fun than anything, my fish Milo who is sadly on his last legs (fins?), the trees out my window who are also dying but who do it so much more gracefully than Milo, my constant desire for companionship (mostly in the form of a dog that I wish I owned), the lip gloss that sits beside me 24/7. Important stuff like that! (Strike the lip gloss from the list if you wish.)
Anyway where am I going with this? Somewhere deep and philosophical I assume. I really don’t have much else to say other than, here I am world, listen for my voice, and write a comment at the end of this post when you hear it.
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