You are what you blog.

I just want to start by saying: Truly, it would seem, I am too busy for this.

I don’t know why I am so drawn to blogging.

It takes so much of my time, and I probably would do much more homework if I didn’t spend so much time online…. and yet, here I am again blogging.
But this time is different; this time I’m not focusing on food.

For the past seven months or so I have been keeping a blog called, ‘Pink Mixers and Broken Egg Yolks.’ It is centered around my love of food and all things edible. I post about chocolate, nutrition, food education, spaghetti, the list goes on. And I love it! I really do. Because my favourite past-times of photography and food (well…eating) are combined in this brilliant way where I can share my passions with others. It is so cool when someone I have never met decides to comment on a post because they related to it! They took the time to check out my words! And in an unexpected way I really started to find myself through my blog. I talked to so many people about their passions regarding food, and conversation just felt so natural when the subject came up. I had this unabashed passion for food; and life! And it was beginning to show.  Only that was the problem: I was what I blogged.

I love the pursuit of a good meal, and will continue to reach into my recipe box and camera case to bring forth good food to the lovely people who, honestly, read my stuff. (If you are here, now, reading this stuff, I am overjoyed that you would take the time and genuinely consider my ponderings.) Because I think food, and what I have blogged about thus far has been good. Good for the tummy, and for a few laughs. Good for a hobby, and for inspiring others to be creative in the kitchen.

Good. But if we consider that we are what we blog, is good, good enough?

I’m starting to think not.

It is with a full heart, and a bit of anticipation that I begin an online journal of thoughts pertaining to things on a wider scale. (Think upwards.) I want to blog about God, and my relationship with him. I want to blog about school and the things I see and think about. And I want to encourage others and bring glory to Him while doing it.

If I am what I blog, then I want to blog about more than food, because I am more than food! And because I want my passion for what really matters to become what I talk to others about all the time. I want conversation to flow when the subject of God comes up, because I have spent 2 hours of every day the past week blogging and searching for His glory. And I hope my eyes to twinkle when someone mentions His name.

And at the end of the day, I want all of this (blogging in all of its capacities), to point towards Him. He came first, and this story of life that we live is, or rather, should be about him.

I want to get to know myself through my blog again. But this time, becoming what I blog will be something quite different.
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