My Social Life.

My social life has changed so much over the past few years. I live at my University Residence in Toronto, and it’s a bit of an island. Suffice to say I don’t get out much.

Granted my school work takes the equivalent of 2 and a half people to complete, and so my socializing usually occurs between the assignments and while procrastinating. But recently I’ve realized that I have a blog obsession, and that reading other people’s blogs (featuring their opinions/life adventures/and photos) has BECOME my social life. Is this sad? I’m not sure.

Some of them are leading such exciting lives, that I just feel the need to latch on and live vicariously through them. Mommas that are expecting, wondering about child birth, people that discuss the ups and downs of marriage, family vacations to Nevernever Land…the list goes on. And here I am with my own blog, jumping in on the social life which exsists in the blogsphere.

But. I must learn to balance this. For if I don’t step out my own front door and take chances, make mistakes, and make my own story…I think I might just go nuts. Seriously. Blogs (at least the ones I read) need to be places of inspiration, encouragement, and humor…not my entire social outlet.

So good people, in a moment I will shut down my computer, jump off of my chair and leave on a jet to Europe.

Ha. Or not.

But I will continue with my own adventure (life of a vivacious University student!) and perhaps call a friend or two, see if they have any plans for this evening. It’s time my social life got a little less two-dimensional.

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