This Week.

This week could make or break my year.

It’s a week that I have been dreading for a while, but I’ve been praying about it fervently and the Lord has been so good–peace abounding despite the circumstances.

So that was an amazing revelation: confidence in his sovereignty in the midst of chaos. And then…as if God was asking me, do you really trust that I am in control? I began a math class which threatens to keep me from graduating. Have I had a failed test yet? No. Have I been keeping up on my homework? Yes. But I’m scared. If I don’t pass, no graduation. And that means no teachers college next year. My first exam is coming up on Thursday and I hoped to get in some serious study time…but, enter food poisoning. I haven’t been able to touch my books.

I don’t think I’ve ever been sicker! And it begs me to ask: God, what are you up to? Where is this leading? Your plan is perfect and I have confidence in that. This week which could make or break my year is terrifying, but perfect.

God, be strength for me when I am weak. With you, my week is already written and won.

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