Me on a Friday.

It’s gettin’ late. And then I got this urge to blog (which happens a lot lately) and I couldn’t say no. Why not? It’s the first day of my reading week! Although to be honest, I would probably still blog if I had an exam tomorrow or a job interview.

Okay, maybe not. I am responsible, most of the time.

Today is Friday and the end of a crazy-daisy week. I’m going to write more about it soon in a post which might come across as simple, but is really quite meaningful. The fact that this week ended so smoothly is truly a testimony to His goodness.
I haven’t seen my parents or sister since Christmas and so I’m terribly excited for them to pull up to my home-away-from-home and snatch me up for a while. It’s nice when you can count on a good hug and kiss, and possibly a dinner out. I ate the entire contents of my freezer tonight (ie. all I had left from my grocery shopping trip–last month!): 6 perogies, 3 chicken nuggets, and potato-tots (taters?). And then 4 hours later I ate some stale nacho chips with melted cheese and spicy red pepper jelly.
Ah, the life of a University student–I secretly like it. I don’t do the whole party scene so at least on certain occasions I choose not to be a-typical, and I eat some pretty weird stuff. This is actually extremely a-typical if you know me, as I keep a food blog and dream in flavors. But nevertheless, I have been known to dine on a bowl of rice, beans, cheese, cucumber, salad dressing, and pasta noodles. Just because. Oh, and maybe I threw in a few dried cranberries. You would think I’m having pregnancy cravings or something! Im not.

Speaking of food, I watched the amaaaazingly wonderful, inspiring, feel-good, cute, funny movie Julie and Julia tonight. It’s in my top 10. And I decided that my future husband must enjoy my cooking as much as Eric enjoys Julie’s. The way that he swoons with a single bite of her chocolate cake or tomato bruschetta (I would probably swoon over it too) makes me so happy. There are a lot of things that give me pleasure in life, and food–or feeding people, is definitely one of them. Perhaps more about my grand cooking adventures another night.
For now, back my regularly scheduled programing…sleep. If I can manage it before getting another urge to do something.
Good night, lovely reader!
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