Blogging from the Backseat.

I didn’t know I could do this.

This being, blog while in a vehicle moving 118…119…122mph! I think that’s just really neat.

In case you didn’t guess, I figured out how to add WordPress to my Blackberry. And all the crowd shouts, “hooray!”

I’m on my way home now. The sister and mom came and saved me from school infested territories, and now we’re moving as fast as the speed of light towards home. I miss my pops. He’s probably at home reclined on the couch with a lap top in his, well, lap…writing an essay of sorts. And he’s probably got his feet up on the arm of the chair in front of him. He’s kinda predictable, my dad–and we love him for it!

Once I get home, I’m thinking ill raid the kitchen for all of the goodies which I’ve been missing and then try to do some homework. Ugh. I said I would be productive this reading week and so it starts here, right? I’m praying a very specific prayer–that God would make me a conscientious worker. Not a worker who begrudgingly finishes her homework or skims through a task, but rather someone who thoroughly and thoughtfully approaches all things. I’d also like to be more paced and peaceful while working, so that is my prayer as well.

Do all unto the glory of God. Whether it be dishes, cleaning your room, practicing your violin, doing homework, feeding the homeless, or worshiping in church. He loves all forms of yours and my individual acts of service to Him.

I hope He likes blogs.

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