Worldwide Event: 25.

Have you ever heard about Invisible Children? It is an organization which is dear to my heart. Speaking for those who have no ability to speak louder than the crime and human brutality in central Africa, IC makes remarkable leaps towards change, and they do so through amazing videos and self sacrifice.

On April 25, 2011, Invisible Children is asking you to participate in the worldwide event, 25.

On behalf of those who are silenced by the LRA and who have been abducted by Joseph Kony and his rebel army in central Africa, Invisible Children is asking thousands of participants to unite in 25 hours of silence.

We (I will be taking part too) are hoping that our silence will be heard worldwide and brings attention to the state of emergency in the Congo.

Take part by pledging to raise 25 dollars and participate in the event, or if you would, consider making a small donation (even a dollar or two) to my pledge. You can do that, here. My goal (as of now) is to raise at least 50 dollars.

Mark it on your calenders! On April 25th I will won’t be blogging, but will follow the project up with a brief video clip of my experience.

“Stand in solidarity for the victims of the most neglected humanitarian crisis of the twenty-first century.”                                                                                  – Invisible Children

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