I love to journal. My interest in blogging probably stems from the same source: this small spot in my brain/soul/heart/stomach which cries out ‘muuuust write down thoughts, NOWWW’. Or something like that. Perhaps my inner thoughts would be a tad more poetic:

My inner turmoil has been lurching and exploding within me all day! I must find myself a pen and paper/macbook and internet connection, and cathartically transpose my thoughts.

Yes, it goes something like that.

Anyways. I have been journaling my whole life, but have only been seriously dedicated to it for the past 6 years or so. My sister says that she admires my ability to journal and write. I have no idea how she doesn’t write. It feels like the heavy moments of my day cannot be let go of until I at least write and meditate on them in my journal! Same goes for those exciting and wonderful times which cause happy faces to burst from my seems–those need to go in too!

In essence: before I can move on with my life (read: go to sleep, do an essay, read a book, etc.) I need to know that I have been well documented. Well photographed. And well shared. The first of these three is the writing portion, which brings me here today. My thoughts hit puberty at some point and now desire more than the personal white pages of my journal; they want to reach out and touch others too.  I am fascinated by how blogs have brought people together, and I hope to have my own piece of that pie, so to speak.

Why do I write even if no one else is listening? Well, perhaps someone is! And if no one is, that’s fine too. I have been journaling for so long, keeping my thoughts private, that I could take the crushing (just kidding) reality.

But in the case that you do find yourself here, reading my thoughts and catching a glimpse of my everyday, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

I wonder, do you also journal? And if you do, what is your primary weapon of choice? Pen and paper, or computer? Or feather quill and parchment, you Shakespeare’s out there?

I like big ol’ journals.

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