Syndrome HC.

Everything I do is logical and well thought out. Sometimes I do things that make no sense what so ever. Some silly and arguably psychological, and some things just downright random. I blame it on the fact that there is so much to be done this month (school work, family projects, photo shoots, friend time, etc.) and my head is trying to keep up.

Recently I’ve noticed a particular increase in Syndrome HC (Head in Clouds), and thought I would impress humor you with a short list. At any given moment I could be found:

– plugging in twinkle lights (that I keep on almost all the time) right before I’m about to get into bed; even though I just unplugged them 30 seconds earlier.

– putting my jacket on while cleaning, instead of in the closet.

– grabbing the toothpaste with the intention of using it as hand soap.

– leaving all cupboard doors open when leaving the kitchen. (See Mom…It’s not just to bug you!)

– handing a cashier my drivers license instead of my Master Card.

– starring into space thinking about the next thing to be done that I don’t have time for, for 20 minutes.

But that is all from the last month. And that’s just this week! I actually find it pretty comical.

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