It’s Late.

Posting everyday is like a workout. But I like working out…in this case.

And sometimes you have very little to talk about.

Sometimes the interesting topics are sitting, waiting, in the form of drafts I couldn’t finish for some reason. They are far too deep for even me to approach right now. What does that mean? I don’t know, it’s late.

And yet you want to say something interesting.

Something interesting.

And you don’t want to make lame jokes that make your readers squirm. Sorry for that.

It’s late.

Tonight was a night chock full of homework. I’m working on my last 2 essays as an undergraduate student. I am almost sentimental about the experience…but not too much. I want them done! The “summer” which is actually just the end of April around these parts is so much closer than I can believe.

Then I’ll be gone. No more Toronto, possibly ever. Scotland would be a nice replacement though. I wouldn’t complain, of course.

Ohhh kilts, how I hope to be seeing you soon!

In the mean time I appreciate you reading, and spending some time on my page. You make exercising my blogging muscles worth it.

Aaand apparently I’m sentimental when it’s late. Hmm.

Best quit while I’m ahead. Good-night/good-morning, depending on where you live.

Until tomorrow.

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