This Chance.

So I have this chance. This unbelievable almost surreal chance. This chance which is so foreign to me I don’t know what to do with it. This chance, to do whatever it is that I want/feel most called to do for the next season of my life.

The other day I’m thinking, T-Minus 1 month (ish) and I won’t be a university student any longer. And it hits me: my path is all of a sudden completely unknown and full of possibilities. There is this wide open world that is calling my name, and for what feels like the first time, I can answer back!

I didn’t know finishing school would feel like this!

You go from sandbox to elementary school to high school to university (in my case), and that’s as far as I planned. Of course everyone thinks along the way about what their next move will be, but my next move is hazy. I could go and do what everyone assumes I will do: Teachers College (Don’t get me wrong–brilliant option!). OR I could go and use this time as a young, agile, single, childless, homeless (sorta), commitment-less individual, and do something else. As if I’m not already an indecisive person, life goes and says, “reach for the stars!”

Can I just say, THAT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE! Eesh.

So that’s where I am. I’m praying for direction and I believe God will open doors and windows a few (or many!) at a time. Can’t go wrong, though. This place needs a passport stamp it’s so epic.

…It’s just that I feel so free!!!!!

Okay. You get the point? That’s good.

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