Pro-Life and Pro-Adoption.

Every so often I’ll have someone ask me, “Are you pro-life or pro-choice?” The question always made me hesitate. I used to lean towards pro-choice, depending on the circumstances, but now I lean in the other direction. If you disagree, I respect your opinion.

What made me change my mind: At a recent bible study we were covering the commandment: “Do not murder,” one which I have always felt very distant from. (I’ll never murder, so I can skip over this one). But the perspective my pastor gave was that as people we do not have the right to say when life should end. No matter what the circumstance, the “fetus” which is a person (I think) is just as much known to God as we are.

If the option were presented to me after a tragic incident, say, the reality of the situation is that I am not my own and I was bought with a price. I am to serve Him and follow his commandments, and to have the life end seems to disobey a commandment. For that reason, I say pro-life.

But along with being pro-life, I am also pro-adoption. I feel that as an “advocate” for pro-life there is an inherent responsibility to not allow those infants born into broken homes (or no homes at all) to remain helpless. That’s just as important. To be pro-life and not do anything to help the urgent crisis of orphans around the world is to be making a contradiction.

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