Thas Nat Wata.

The adventure of the week: dousing my hair in not water, but extra virgin olive oil. Am I crazy? Possibly. But you can sympathize I’m sure.

I’ve heard many many good things about the effects of olive oil on the scalp and hair follicles, so I thought, why not? But how should one go about doing it…?

One website told me to wrap my hair in a warm towel. One told me to wrap it in plastic wrap (?) and then a shower cap. One told me to use 1-2 Tbsp. of olive oil. One told me to use a cup. This one says heat it. This one says don’t. This one says wet your hair first. This one says absolutely, don’t!

Okay people, can we get a consensus here?

I couldn’t find one, so I’m writing up my own version of, “Olive Oil Hair Therapy” for all those interested. Oh and the results? For a kitchen remedy, not too shabby!

Warning: these instructions are slightly redonkulous. Don’t quote me.

Olive Oil Hair Therapy

Step 1: Read up on all of the wonderful effects of olive oil hair treatment, and look for consistent instructions on how to engage. Find none.

Step 2: Decide to use the “go big or go home” theory and pour 3/4c of good olive oil into a measuring cup. (Only use half of it).

Step 3: Change into clothing you don’t mind getting oil dripped on. Well done olive oil queen, you’re thinkin’ ahead.

Step 4: Take out pearl earings.

Step 5: Put a few inches of warm water into the sink and place measuring cup into it. (Don’t submerge it of course).

Step 6: Stare at olive oil and wonder how to get it onto your head without pouring it. Quit hesitating and proceed to stick your hands into the oil. Massage into a small section of the hair.

Step 7: Stop being so timid and really get it into the hair. Have a nice time massaging your scalp.

Step 8: When the whole head is sufficiently covered, pin hair up into a clip, take some photos, and cover head with a shower-cap. (If you’re cool like that). Place left over oil under the sink for next time.

Step 9: Allow oil to “saturate hair follicles” for at least 1 hour.

Step 10: Remove shower cap and begin massaging hair with a serious dollop of shampoo. Shower. Use lots and lots of shampoo to avoid the grease-puppy look.

Step 11: Wash face to avoid the grease-puppy look.

Step 12: Blow dry hair and discover that your over-zealous shampooing wasn’t zealous enough. Re-wash your fringe.

Step 13: Take photos of final product (see below). Blog about it if you wish….

…I wished.

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