The Sniffles are Coming.

I can feel it, they are most definitely on their way, if not already in the drive way. Phoey.

Just about now would seem to be the perfect time to get sick since school has become a tad more bearable, but the sniffles are never totally welcomed. I think the only reason I would want the sniffles, was if I was guaranteed a visit by Tom Hanks who was carrying daisies.

Meg Ryan made sniffles seem so elegant! (Probably because she wasn’t actually sick, but whatever–she still rocked them). I on the other hand am usually not so elegant, but trust that those around me will not make fun of my frequent sneezes that come in threes. Yes, threes.

Must. Avoid.

My remedy for tonight: nix the homework and watch “You’ve Got Mail”. Learn how to channel Meg Ryan on a sick day. Pray that what ever it is I’ve got doesn’t get worse.

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