Upping the Ante.

Update: My second fundraising goal of 100 dollars has been reached! Thank you so much to all who have donated. Haven’t donated but would like too? I am collecting donations for this great cause until April 25th so check out the link(s) below.

Original Post:

I am so pleased to say that I have reached my fundraising goal for the day of silence, April 25th! Invisible Children asks that participants in 25 (a fundraising initiative on behalf of those who are silenced by the LRA and who have been abducted by Joseph Kony and his rebel army in central Africa), to raise at least 25 dollars. This money will go towards supporting The Protection Plan.

(Confused? I first blogged about 25, here).

Buuut, being the optimistic person that I am, I wanted to double that. We’ve made it to 50 and now I want to up the ante and double it, again! Will you help support this amazing cause? You can donate any amount, here on my fundraising page. Your donation can be made in honor of another person, or if you prefer, kept totally private.

Check back after April 25th for a brief video documenting my experience.

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