The Weekend Again.

Jenny and I have been going to school together for the last 4 years; we’re practically sisters. Actually a better classification that we’ve adopted is “wifeys.” While we are both very much excited to have hubbies of our own, a temporary wifey will have to do for now. We grocery shop together, go to church together and do homework together. We arrive together, leave together, and are asked when when the other isn’t around, “Where is your other half?” I love companionship and so she has made my life here at the university which is only occasionally beautiful, much more bearable.

Anyways, about 3 years ago we started noticing how fast the weeks were going. Friday would arrive in all of its glory and then go as soon as it came. Then before we knew it, it was back again! Homework and life was just flying past us like nobodies business.

One week in particular I make the remark: “It the weekend!” And one week from then I announced again, “Wasn’t it just the weekend? It’s the weekend again!” After 4 or 5 weekends went by, things just got out of hand, “Jenny, do you realize that it was 5 weeks ago that I said its the weekend, again? And now, it’s the weekend AGAIN!?”

Perhaps we are just redonkulous. (As if you couldn’t already tell that from the photo).

But today, it’s the weekend again. And I’m reminded of those days back in second year where I was amazed at how far we had come. Now look at me. At us.

Jenny has a new job working for our church, and I’m getting into teachers college. Oh yeah, side note: just found out that I got accepted this morning!! Now to choose a school. I wrote my second last exam today, and life as I know it is about to change.

It’s the weekend again, people. Enjoy it!

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