Happy to Have Been Here. Happy to Have Seen and Did.

University has been (and still is for another week) quite the adventure. A little different than I would have suspected but never the less, a grand way to spend 4 years of my life.

This is how my perspective has changed recently: I’m seeing University not so much as an all-encompassing activity which defines me, but rather as a season or segment of my life which I took part in. Sometimes I feel like it was imposed upon me, as in of course I would go to University. What else would I do? Well. I do think I could have done other things, but I didn’t. I was a student and I am happy to have been.

So much of what I learned, I learned by sheer coincidence. I hadn’t found my niche prior to coming to the big city, and so I was one of those people who just took a little bit out of everything I did. I was (and still am) searching for my niche, and University has provided a great rest stop (though not so restful at times) for me to carve into the world by means of attending lectures, hearing from great minds, conversing with different minded people, pushing myself to be one with the student experience, etc.

Because I pushed myself, I accomplished much. I failed at much too–but it’s all part of the experience. I learned a lot about who I am as a person, namely that school is not the only place that I want to learn. I gained a passion and intrigue for the world’s classroom, which extends beyond the University setting. I learned that it’s okay to be good at something, and it’s okay to be crappy at something. I learned that it’s beneficial not to give up. I learned that there are a lot of view points out there in the world, and that I am only scratching the surface.

So. What now? It’s been a long and challenging season, but exciting and enriching. I know I’ll always be a student of some kind, but this kind of student experience is one of a kind and (thankfully) temporary. I’m glad to have been here. And I’m happy to have seen and did.

Can I go now?

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