Do the Next Thing.

Good afternoon, friends.

Want to see what I’m studying today? It miiiight not interest you, but what the hay. It’s about calculating conditional probability using the Bayes Formula–one part of my chapter four review of statistics.

Yes, you may skip the video if you wish.

I know what you’re thinking. Julia, this is just riveting! How DO you keep your self buckled to the seat of your chair? I often ask myself the same thing.

But its not a simple process friends. It takes a lot of, “get off Facebook, stop texting, and put that nail polish back where it came from!”  Sometimes I need some good ol’ fashioned encouragement to even pick my hand up off of the desk to start typing. Then keep typing. (That’s the real challenge).

Today I have found this poem to be of great encouragement. It’s called,”Do the Next Thing” and it helps soften the fears which prevent us from even starting a project, or from persevering. God’s promises are good, and often lift me up when I need it. I hope this poem blesses you and helps you stay pinned to your desk. Or, you know.

Many a questioning, many a fear, Many a doubt hath its quieting here.

Moment by moment let down from heaven, time opportunity, guidence are given.

Fear not tomorrows child of the King, trust them with Jesus and DO THE NEXT THING.

Do it immediately; do it with prayer; do it reliantly, casting all care; do it with reverence, tracing his Hand.

Who placed it before thee with earnest command.

Stayed on omnipotence, safe ‘neath his wing, leave all resulting. DO THE NEXT THING.

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