25: My Response.

Life stops for no mouse activist–not even on a Day of Silence. Below are a few photos, documenting my experience of the Invisitble Children event “25.” (Read more about the event here).

A brief intro: I almost forgot about the event entirely (recalled at 11:00pm on the 24th–I know, terrible), I was in Detroit Michigan with my family for most of it, I got such a headache, I became frustrated on multiple occasions, I spoke here and there by accident (a few times on purpose), I used a pen and paper to save myself from insanity, and I had to remind myself constatly that this day was not about me. Take a peak:

Something to keep me quiet: a car ride and an iPod. The iPod ended up having no battery so I read.

C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity, to be more specific.

This is the letter B in American Sign Language. I guess that’s kind of cheating, but I was desperate to tell my sister about…. something starting with B?

Crossing the Canadian/American Border.

“I want Quiznos for lunch!”

I hope my silence was heard. Thank-you so much, everyone that supported 25!

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