Running Shoes.

Something I am learning: Buying running shoes doesn’t make you a runner. Just like how owning a camera doesn’t mean you’re a photographer.

No crisis was involved in the writing of this post, by the way, I  just came to the realization while going out for my first run of the season, that following through with my intention to get into shape is the key to success. A lack of action would render my goal useless and the shoes a total waste of money.

Thing is, it is so much harder to do the run than it is to just buy the pretty running shoes.

Lululemon makes a fortune off of individuals with good intentions. “I will start doing yoga this year!” they chime. I chimed. My yoga mat hasn’t been touched in 3 months.

I so admire those who do the things that I want to do, like running, taking photos every day, going to bed at a decent hour, making good food choices, and saving money. But while I have great skill at setting myself up for success, ie. buying new running shoes, I have yet to earn the privilege to call myself a runner.

Funny is the mental picture I have of myself while buying the shoes–I have already toned up and run a half marathon, I am jumping out of bed at 6am to meet with the pavement. It’s so easy to skip the next step, but I really hope I don’t. Six months from now I don’t want these shoes to be white any longer.

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