Today My Sail I Lift.

During our last worship song on Sunday morning, “I feel the Winds of God,” tears welled up in my eyes as we sang the last verse:

If I ever forget thy love and how that love was shown, lift high the blood-red flag above; it bears thy name alone.

Great Pilot of my onward way, thou wilt not let me drift. I feel the winds of God today; today my sail I lift.

Such an act faith wouldn’t exactly characterize me as of late, and so I sang the last line convicted of my most recent pathetic attempts to give up control of various parts of my life. Lifting my sail? Perhaps a white flag was lifted signifying my surrender–terrified and broken–but definitely not a sail meant to catch the winds of God.

Okay, enough with the metaphors.

Singing this song reminded me that there is a God who I can have faith in, and who will direct my path. I have been hesitant to hear or feel what God has been doing in my life because I am scared that it will be something that I don’t like. But like the song says, “If I ever forget thy love,” which comes before all that He wills, “lift high the blood-red flag above.”

May we set our sails, confident of his unfailing love.

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