Things I’m Doing.

I’m not working, which is lovely. I am off until tomorrow at 3, which is also lovely.

I am stewing rhubarb and keeping the windows open to get a nice breeze through the kitchen.

I am imagining myself as a domestic goddess.

I am dying my hair red, but still being timid with hair colour. (It should wash out in 28 27 washes).

I am sitting down at the computer an awful lot, and getting distracted by Facebook. I don’t like facebook.

I am baking granola with almonds for friends…and moi.

I am annoyed that I can’t find my Nikon camera cord, and that I have to take pictures on photobooth if I want to upload them. Photobooth just doesn’t cut it.

I am wondering if I come across as too keen, to certain boys. I am wondering how I come across, ever. I am wondering how God is going to script me a love story…things are so confusing right now.

I am getting really excited about traveling to Scotland for teachers college! There are so many things to get done before I board any planes, but it is coming up quick! Only 3 more months.

I am wearing a plaid shirt. It matches my new do. (Unlike many of the items purchased for my blonde days).

I am loving this lip balm.

I am going to a wedding this weekend in Kingston Ontario aboard a boat called “The Island Queen!” How romantic is that?

I am hoping to plant a garden soon.

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