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Pro-Life and Pro-Adoption.

Every so often I’ll have someone ask me, “Are you pro-life or pro-choice?” The question always made me hesitate. I used to lean towards pro-choice, depending on the circumstances, but now I lean in the other direction. If you disagree, … Continue reading

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Syndrome HC.

Everything I do is logical and well thought out. Sometimes I do things that make no sense what so ever. Some silly and arguably psychological, and some things just downright random. I blame it on the fact that there is … Continue reading

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Can He Catch Me?

Sometimes I am more honest than other times–like this time. I will admit that sometimes I am scared. Sometimes I’m scared of what tomorrow brings. Sometimes I’m one of those, “what if…” girls. Sometimes I am scared of the outcome … Continue reading

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No Babies. No Illness.

There are no babies and (with deep respect) no life altering illnesses here, but I hope you will stick around. I’ll admit, I’m a huuge fan of the mommy-blogs. It is a sick obsession really, because I find myself looking … Continue reading

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Someone can tell you that 2+2=4, but until you learn the concept of addition and then see the accuracy in the formula, it’s just numbers. Someone can tell you that everything is going to be okay, but until you go … Continue reading

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There is Light.

So, more about what I was saying before. (Brief recap: bad attitude= me). Perhaps the baggage and bad attitude that come along with a break-up and its presence should go without saying, but lately I seem to have a pretty … Continue reading

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Mercy, Tolerance, Patience, Love.

I’ve never considered myself a full blown advocate for many things. I am a feminist (but not too feminist), I was a vegetarian (but not a vegan), I have morals (but I’m not stuffy), and embarrassingly, I’m a Christian (but … Continue reading

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