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Running Shoes.

Something I am learning: Buying running shoes doesn’t make you a runner. Just like how owning a camera doesn’t mean you’re a photographer. No crisis was involved in the writing of this post, by the way, I  just came to the … Continue reading

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Do the Next Thing.

Good afternoon, friends. Want to see what I’m studying today? It miiiight not interest you, but what the hay. It’s about calculating conditional probability using the Bayes Formula–one part of my chapter four review of statistics. Yes, you may skip … Continue reading

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Help Crisis. Help the Everyday.

Tonight I feel really connected to the other side of the world. But the feeling is bitter sweet. Through photos, video footage, and audio tracks, CNN paints a pretty harsh picture of what is going on in Japan, Libya, and New Zealand, … Continue reading

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On Being Fearless.

I have changed so much over the years. Life has sent me a curve ball or two, and through it all (well, all 21 years of it) I have been able to draw some conclusions, and I feel more confident … Continue reading

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Brave in Life and Death.

I seem to forget that there are people out there fighting mountains while I complain and grit my teeth over mole hills. Reality check! I have been encouraged and humbled this week by Zac Smith’s story. He shows how to … Continue reading

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Lest we Forget.

Today isn’t Remembrance Day–but it kinda is. Every day is a day of remembrance. We awake each morning with a new share of God’s goodness, but if you’re like me, you may need a bit of a reminder before you … Continue reading

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No More of That!

I have been being wayyyyyy to hard on myself lately. Like harsh and unforgiving and negative to the max–defining myself by a standard, which, has really got to go. But the last few hours I have been reading over some … Continue reading

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