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Things I’m Doing.

I’m not working, which is lovely. I am off until tomorrow at 3, which is also lovely. I am stewing rhubarb and keeping the windows open to get a nice breeze through the kitchen. I am imagining myself as a … Continue reading

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Do the Next Thing.

Good afternoon, friends. Want to see what I’m studying today? It miiiight not interest you, but what the hay. It’s about calculating conditional probability using the Bayes Formula–one part of my chapter four review of statistics. Yes, you may skip … Continue reading

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The Weekend Again.

Jenny and I have been going to school together for the last 4 years; we’re practically sisters. Actually a better classification that we’ve adopted is “wifeys.” While we are both very much excited to have hubbies of our own, a … Continue reading

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The Sniffles are Coming.

I can feel it, they are most definitely on their way, if not already in the drive way. Phoey. Just about now would seem to be the perfect time to get sick since school has become a tad more bearable, … Continue reading

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Help Crisis. Help the Everyday.

Tonight I feel really connected to the other side of the world.┬áBut the feeling is bitter sweet.┬áThrough photos, video footage, and audio tracks, CNN paints a pretty harsh picture of what is going on in Japan, Libya, and New Zealand, … Continue reading

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I can’t find my pen.

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Syndrome HC.

Everything I do is logical and well thought out. Sometimes I do things that make no sense what so ever. Some silly and arguably psychological, and some things just downright random. I blame it on the fact that there is … Continue reading

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