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Happy to Have Been Here. Happy to Have Seen and Did.

University has been (and still is for another week) quite the adventure. A little different than I would have suspected but never the less, a grand way to spend 4 years of my life. This is how my perspective has … Continue reading

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On Being Fearless.

I have changed so much over the years. Life has sent me a curve ball or two, and through it all (well, all 21 years of it) I have been able to draw some conclusions, and I feel more confident … Continue reading

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I love to journal. My interest in blogging probably stems from the same source: this small spot in my brain/soul/heart/stomach which cries out ‘muuuust write down thoughts, NOWWW’. Or something like that. Perhaps my inner thoughts would be a tad … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Woe.

  This morning I found out that an old boyfriend just got engaged. Such a funny way to begin Valentines Day, don’t you think? I’m trying to be tough about it–I mean, I am very healed and over our relationship … Continue reading

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Lest we Forget.

Today isn’t Remembrance Day–but it kinda is. Every day is a day of remembrance. We awake each morning with a new share of God’s goodness, but if you’re like me, you may need a bit of a reminder before you … Continue reading

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There is Light.

So, more about what I was saying before. (Brief recap: bad attitude= me). Perhaps the baggage and bad attitude that come along with a break-up and its presence should go without saying, but lately I seem to have a pretty … Continue reading

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Mercy, Tolerance, Patience, Love.

I’ve never considered myself a full blown advocate for many things. I am a feminist (but not too feminist), I was a vegetarian (but not a vegan), I have morals (but I’m not stuffy), and embarrassingly, I’m a Christian (but … Continue reading

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