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Books for Books Sake.

Escapism, and the art of seclusion behind soft or hard covers lined with parchment, is one which I know not well, but one which I have been flirting with this evening. For many years I have been avoiding my chance … Continue reading

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This Year, I’ll Do It.

With the glorious melting that went on this month, my mind is drawn to thoughts of outdoor activities. The summer brings with it such wonderful opportunities, and I must admit my appreciation of outdoor fitness. Fresh air, shorts and t-shirts, … Continue reading

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A Sweet Gift.

Sometimes you’re just sitting on your own, working on statistics. (Or, you know, something else). And then one of your roommates walks in with this: And then you realize how lucky you are. You realize that God blesses you through … Continue reading

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Spot the Sarcasm.

Sometimes I like to be witty whilst talking math notes. Obviously I am ready for this class to be over. Come on, April!

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In Canada, this word denotes the in-between season where Mother Nature seems to be incapible of making up her mind as to what season it actually is. Is it winter? Is it spring? Each day is a surprise. (Less of … Continue reading

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Blogging from the Backseat.

I didn’t know I could do this. This being, blog while in a vehicle moving 118…119…122mph! I think that’s just really neat. In case you didn’t guess, I figured out how to add WordPress to my Blackberry. And all the … Continue reading

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Me on a Friday.

It’s gettin’ late. And then I got this urge to blog (which happens a lot lately) and I couldn’t say no. Why not? It’s the first day of my reading week! Although to be honest, I would probably still blog … Continue reading

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