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It’s Late.

Posting everyday is like a workout. But I like working out…in this case. And sometimes you have very little to talk about. Sometimes the interesting topics are sitting, waiting, in the form of drafts I couldn’t finish for some reason. … Continue reading

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In Canada, this word denotes the in-between season where Mother Nature seems to be incapible of making up her mind as to what season it actually is. Is it winter? Is it spring? Each day is a surprise. (Less of … Continue reading

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Blogging from the Backseat.

I didn’t know I could do this. This being, blog while in a vehicle moving 118…119…122mph! I think that’s just really neat. In case you didn’t guess, I figured out how to add WordPress to my Blackberry. And all the … Continue reading

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Me on a Friday.

It’s gettin’ late. And then I got this urge to blog (which happens a lot lately) and I couldn’t say no. Why not? It’s the first day of my reading week! Although to be honest, I would probably still blog … Continue reading

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