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I love to journal. My interest in blogging probably stems from the same source: this small spot in my brain/soul/heart/stomach which cries out ‘muuuust write down thoughts, NOWWW’. Or something like that. Perhaps my inner thoughts would be a tad … Continue reading

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Me, a Humanitarian?

Whew, 2 humanitarian style posts in one week!?¬†Are you trying to tell us something here, Julia? Hmm, you have a point there. There seems to be a trend this week! (And um, there is another one coming soon…just a heads … Continue reading

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No Babies. No Illness.

There are no babies and (with deep respect) no life altering illnesses here, but I hope you will stick around. I’ll admit, I’m a huuge fan of the mommy-blogs. It is a sick obsession really, because I find myself looking … Continue reading

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Blogging from the Backseat.

I didn’t know I could do this. This being, blog while in a vehicle moving 118…119…122mph! I think that’s just really neat. In case you didn’t guess, I figured out how to add WordPress to my Blackberry. And all the … Continue reading

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My Social Life.

My social life has changed so much over the past few years. I live at my University Residence in Toronto, and it’s a bit of an island. Suffice to say I don’t get out much. Granted my school work takes … Continue reading

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My other blog.

It is considered cheating if you are having an affair with another blog? Well call me a cheater because I am really enjoying this new blog. It is a whole new way to express myself and I am breathing sighs … Continue reading

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You are what you blog.

I just want to start by saying: Truly, it would seem, I am too busy for this. I don’t know why I am so drawn to blogging. It takes so much of my time, and I probably would do much … Continue reading

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